Seventh Order of the Random Generator

Below is a community archive created and collated by a shuddering cabal of milk-faced neophytes using Choose Your Own Generator for the pleasure of all.


What are the links? They’re bookmarklets loaded with random generator entries, and every time you click them they’ll give you a random result in a pop-up.
Prepping for a game? Browse through and find a bunch of generators you like and drag the links onto your bookmark bar. Now you can use them directly from your bookmark bar regardless of the webpage you’re on, or even if you’re offline. Prep: done.


Not all of the generators are good, some are pretty bad, some people still insist on submitting test generators.
But if you sort through it, you’ll find a lot of really amazing and useful stuff here.
If you haven’t created and submitted your own generator yet, I think it’s about time you did.


The generators constituting this religious experience are shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
No responsibility is taken for copyrighted material that appears here without permission. If copyrighted material HAS been submitted, email me at logantknight via gmail and it will be removed.