Sometimes you suddenly need a big group of NPCs, like when you stumble into a brewhouse or swagger into a brothel or a cult abducts you or you accidentally start a gang war. And it's a lot more fun to say "the big fat one-armed man takes another swing at you with his one arm" than "this scribbled note that says 3hp attacks you again".


So here's a sped-up version of the NPC Birthing Sacs, complete with names for when you torture/chat them up. Like the Birthing Sacs, it requires some interpretation on your part; I might add more specific character quirks later but for now it's all sparks.


[Edit: this was built to use the races of Cörpathium because well, that's what I use, but I've now included the option of standard fantasy races for the rest of you. It won't generate names but if you want them the automated NPC Birthing Sacs will do that for you, and keep in mind that if it tells you you're looking at a tall, slender halfling, they're tall and slender for a halfling.]


Request a specific race and/or gender from the drop-down menus if the situation calls for it, type how many chumps you need, ignore any information that doesn't apply, and if they start getting stabbed you can record their diminishing hit points in the note box.


Let's get this party started.