Last Christmas we infused booze instead of buying gifts.


Prancing Elf Raspberry Rapejuice


1   700ml bottle of Wisent Bison Vodka

8   teaspoons of Oolong Berry tea


Wisent Vodka is already infused with bison grass, so you can really taste the forest. Pour it all into a decanter and dump 8 teaspoons of Oolong Berry into it, or regular Oolong and some dried raspberries if you can’t get that? Gingerly place the bison grass in with it and let it steep for about 8 hours,  make sure you swirl it every now and then or it’ll go bad.

While you’re waiting draw some elves, they’re filthy terrible things, this whole infusion came from Rose’s impression of a dirt-covered demented elf saying “rrrRRAAASSsSsBERRIES!”. The voice doesn’t really translate in text.

When the time is up and you’re sick of drawing magical rapers strain it all back into the bottle.

Drink with plain old lemonade or apple juice, or a mixture of both if you’re feeling fancy.



Rumbling Roar of the Chaimera


1   700ml bottle of Mount Gay Eclipse Silver Rum

3   teaspoons of Chai tea

3   teaspoons of Spi Chai


If you know more about rum than we do and don’t want to use Mount Gay just get some other white rum, come on, be reasonable. You should know how to start this by now, pour it into a decanter and add 3 teaspoons each of Chai and Spi Chai. Spi Chai is pretty much Chai with the black tea replaced with liquorice root, ginger, and rose petals, so if you can’t get it just use more regular Chai and add liquorice root and ginger (note to self: use fresh ginger next time). Swirl regularly to look at the pretty colours and just start smelling it after the 6 hour mark, strain it when it smells properly liquorice-sweet.

Pour it over ice and add coke and a squeeze of lime. God damn, you don’t even know.