Below is a community archive created and collated by a shuddering cabal of milk-faced neophytes using Choose Your Own Generator for the pleasure of all.


What are the links? They’re bookmarklets loaded with random generator entries, and every time you click them they’ll give you a random result in a pop-up.

Prepping for a game? Browse through and find a bunch of generators you like and drag the links onto your bookmark bar. Now you can use them directly from your bookmark bar regardless of the webpage you’re on, or even if you’re offline. Prep: done.


New sects will be created as they become necessary, and rotten fruit shall be cut from the tree.

If you haven’t created and archived your own generator yet, I think it’s about time you did.



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  • Animal Planet Show Names Generator

  • Banksy Artwork Generator

    Have you ever wanted to make the kind of original, totally unpredictable and revolutionary art made by renowned artist Banksy? You too can be a middle class gimmick with this random generator!

  • Ciocie Insult Generator

    From the webcomic Kill Six Billion Demons

  • EXO OT3

  • exo pairing generator

    for exo fan writers

  • FNAF Headcanon


  • Harry Potter and the legendary cue balls.

    Oh, we don't use american dollars here. We trade exclusively in memories of a microSD card containing your will to live.

  • I Haven't...

    This generator is useful for making quick complaint's without swear words.

  • I really...

    Hip hip hooray!

  • My red pet flirted with the past.

    Our OC's OC had sex with the apocalypse.

  • Nests of Snow

    Nests of Snow is by Tony Ferron, which isn't even my real name. I made this whilst bedridden with norovirus.

  • Nouns/verbs

    practise learning nouns/verbs

  • Random Infowars Headline Generator

    If you want to know what Infowars is covering today without going to their website

  • Roll+Weird

    What is the psychic maelstrom?

  • test


  • The Hero has Arrived!

    Lo! The hero has come to save us!

  • the shittiest generator in the world

    we smoked anal beads under the couch

  • Things To Ponder


  • What you should post about on Facebook

    help with social media

  • Words for Infinity


  • Yeah I Mean Okay I Guess That's A Fairy Tale

    I mean sure man whatever you say

  • Character Features
  • ~Birthday Generator~

    Gives month and day, plus an age between 1 and 100.

  • 5e Ability Scores 3-18

    5th Edition Ability Scores from 3-18 Including bonuses and penalties

  • Alternate Fighter Abilities by Zak S

  • Alternate Thief Abilities by Zak S

  • Alternate Wizard Abilities by Zak S

  • AoS Ships

  • Blackwood Crossing Generator

    Used to create random characters for the Live Roleplaying group.

  • Dark Souls 2 randomizer

    Randomizes Weapons and armour

  • Dystopia Rising Character Generator

    Helps you create a basic bare bones concept for a Dystopia Rising character. Helpful for new players or players stumped on new characters once their favorite perms. If any blanks occur, feel free to fill them in yourself!

  • Former Occupation and Quirks

    Roll to find out about your new character.

  • Fruittails (Closed Species)

    Really just for me and my friends

  • Fun Social Clubs in your Area!

    Need a new hobby, or just want to meet new people? Why not join one of these social clubs today!

  • Luxan Generator

    Create a typical citizen of the Luxan Empire

  • Luxan Generator

    Luxan Generator

  • Luxan Generator 1.1

    Created on 4/13/2015

  • Luxan Generator 2

    Generate a strange and powerful member of the Luxan Empire.