The archives below shall be created and collated by a shuddering cabal of milk-faced neophytes using Choose Your Own Generator for the pleasure of all. Particular praises must be bestowed upon Paolo Greco of the Lost Pages for the original bookmarklet code and dark database advisement.


What are the links? They’re bookmarklets loaded with random generator entries, and every time you click them they’ll give you a random result in a pop-up.

Prepping for a game? Browse through and find a bunch of generators you like and drag the links onto your bookmark bar. Now you can use them directly from your bookmark bar regardless of the webpage you’re on. Prep: done.


New sects will be created as they become necessary, and rotten fruit shall be cut from the tree.

If you haven’t created and archived your own generator yet, I think it’s about time you did.


This religious experience is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


  • I Haven't...

    This generator is useful for making quick complaint's without swear words.

  • I really...

    Hip hip hooray!

  • Character Features
  • 5e Ability Scores 3-18

    5th Edition Ability Scores from 3-18 Including bonuses and penalties

  • Alternate Fighter Abilities by Zak S

  • Alternate Thief Abilities by Zak S

  • Alternate Wizard Abilities by Zak S

  • Dark Souls 2 randomizer

    Randomizes Weapons and armour

  • Spaceship Captain Generator

    Nine milestones to create a spacecaptain or other boat captain. Names, personality, history, secrets, personality and physical traits.

  • Starting Equipment or loot for a Boot Hill Campaign

    Chris Kutalik's "Fast Packs" for Boot Hill from his blog here:

  • Combat
  • 100 Animals

    Random results from a list of 100 animals, mundane to exotic

  • 100 Chaotic Familiars (DCC)

    by Luka Rejec and Peter Leban

  • Birds

    Ever need a bird for a particular reason? This table is a collection of all the birds in the world. Mutations, idea generation, tribal totem animal or even the outline for a type of ship. If you need a bird, this table has all of 'em! Enjoy! -Mike

  • Demonic Aristocratice Titles

    Epitaphs for Demon Lords

  • Fauns, Satyrs, and Centaurs

    Generate composite man-beasts

  • Fish

    Ever need a fish? This generator will give you all the fish you will ever need! Use it to generate mutations, kick the muse into high gear when trying to create a critter, or whatever else you come up with! -Mike

  • Imps from the imp peddler

  • Monster Powers

    7 random monster powers

  • Seven Monster Resistances

    From a list of 108 immunities

  • Unexpurgated Dragon Generator Compleat

    WORKS IN FIREFOX ONLY, for other browsers use the three-part generator below.

  • Unexpurgated Dragon Generator Part I

  • Unexpurgated Dragon Generator Part II

  • Unexpurgated Dragon Generator Part III

  • Encounters
  • 2 Encounters in the bad part of New Nova City (Grotty, 80's-anime monster city)


  • Bandits!

    How many of them, and who the hell's in charge?

  • Deady Arena

    Used to generate deadly arena conditions for a duel with monsters or PvP.

  • Delights of the Plaza of Earthly Lust

  • Forest Encounters near a Spaceship Crash

  • Rural Encounters

    What's a Dazzling Urbanite Like You Doing in a Rustic Setting Like This?

  • Swamp Encounters

    Of a generally eerie and dismal sort

  • Insanity & Disease
  • Maleficar - Insanity

  • Loot
  • Random Loot

    100 fancy weapons, 100 interesting pieces of armour, 100 misc items

  • random pseudo-magical items by effect, stolen from Numenera, for D&D


  • Treasures From Loser to Hoard

    From Playing D&D With Porn Stars' "Nested Treasure Tables"

  • Unexpected Side-Effect of Consuming this Unknown Substance - Last Gasp

  • Zadron's Zocchi Dicebag

    Based on a DCC spellcheck, you manage to coax something out of the bag...

  • Magical Mishaps
  • How Do I Break This Curse?

  • Necropraxis chaos leaks

    A collection of side effects indicating that a magic-user is beginning to lose control of harnessed power. All chaos leaks last for 1 turn (10 minutes) and then slowly fade away.

  • Read Magic - Librarian's Lament

    What happens when you Read Magic that you shouldn't have -

  • Read Magic - Tome of Terror

    What happens when you Read Magic that you shouldn't have -

  • Magic Items
  • 100 Potions

    100 potion effects with cheap description

  • The Lost or Abandoned Weaponry of the Grigori

    Angelic weaponry for Pernicious Albion, a re-skinning of Carcosa by M. Diaz:

  • Mutation
  • Maleficar - Transmutation

  • Names
  • Brackenwoldian Name Generator

    Male and Female names generated in parts, smooth out as necessary. By Gorgonmilk for Dolmenwood.

  • Oh god who are these people arguing around a coffee table?

    A select list of authors from the British library catalogue composed by Fortean Times editor Bob Rickard.

  • Saints

    German and English saints

  • Underdark Name Generator - False Machine

  • Underdark Noble Name Generator - False Machine

  • Wizardly Schools

    A series of names for wizardly or otherwise occult organizations

  • NPCs
  • A Wizard Eyes You Strangely

    Generates weird wizards studying weird magic.

  • Abashan NPCs

    Three Trait Generator for Fantasy City

  • Cörpathium NPC Birthing Sacs

    A collection of vague-ish descriptors to bring NPCs screaming into this world.

  • Cabalistic Aesthetics of Cörpathium

    Attire for the fashionable cult.

  • Lovecraftian NPCs

    An NPC with Lovecraftian style as well as one item.